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We want to hear about your experience at California Auto Works, LLC.

We are committed to providing the perfect auto experience to every customer!

"I took my car to Alex about a week ago. One of the best mechanics I've ever been to. He took the time to check what's wrong with my car and got back to me with a fair estimate and price for labor. I recommend California Auto works to anyone looking for a FAIR price and a good family business.

Anyone telling you otherwise is just looking for a cheap deal versus good honest work."


Penelope P. - Yelp

"I am surprised they don't have more positive reviews, and are unknown on Yelp. I had a major ding on the passenger side front and rear doors on our bright red colored Acura. Given it's a relatively new car and a rare and bright color, I wanted to make sure i took it to the right shop and I did not want the ding to shoot up my insurance.
I went to a bunch of body shops and every single one of them suggested replacing the door, even when it was obvious that there was no real damage to the door other than paint damage.
Alex was the only one who was honest and straightforward in his estimates - he told me he would not replace the door, and it was not required, and he fixed that scratch as well as all the minor scratches around the car, and detailed it, bringing it back to  new. A lot more than he promised he would do, although he did raise the initial estimate by $100, but I was more than happy paying for it :)
Finally, an honest and reliable mechanic. Would highly recommend for any body work on the car."


Prash C. - Yelp

"Tommy and Alex are the best! If you are looking for a good mechanic who is honest, friendly and will give you a good price without worrying if they are going to rip you off, then this is where you should take all your auto repairs

Its family owned and they do a REALLY good job quickly and affordably. Glad I found these guys :)"


Ryan M. - Yelp

"This review is long overdue. Alex and Tommy have been taking care of my van and my car for five years. 
Everything they have done has been perfect, on time and received and delivered with gracious courtesy.
Their charges are very reasonable and their services are very professional and reliable.
I highly recommend California Auto Works!"


Alexander M. - Yelp

"Alex is an honest and skilled mechanic. And Tommy (Alex's son) is a great guy to deal with. Keep up the great work!!"


Philippe L. - Yelp

"I highly recommend this shop!  They are extremely nice and personable; they always ask how I am and remember what I tell them.  I always feel like I get my money's worth.  I even considered towing my car from Stockton when it broke down to them rather than use a local company.  

They really do quality work, they save you money when they can, and they make me feel like I am a valued customer. 

I might take off a half a star only because it is hard to understand the father at times. lol"


Terra C. - Yelp

"It is so hard to find a good and honest mechanic these days.  I've finally found one.  Alex and Tommy are amazing!  My Toyota had a problem starting so I took it to Alex who was recommended by my AAA source.  Am I glad I did.  I called around other places like M&R Automotive and Menlo Atherton Shell--almost $200 for the diagnostic!!!  CA Auto Works did it for FREE!  They found out that my idle control valve was faulty.  What would have been upwards of $800 for repairs cost me $120.  Alex spent an extra hour on labor to get it right and he didn't charge me for it!!!  That's unheard of.  If you're looking for a good and honest mechanic then you ABSOLUTELY have to come here."


Kevin K. - Yelp

"Great mechanic. Very honest, precise, and efficient with his and my time. Went in for a quick check up on my car and they took care of it. I'm not a car person myself, but they were able to explain the problem and solution without making it too confusing."


Eric P. - Yelp

"California Auto Works is simply the best!!!!!!  I have been servicing my car for many years at this gem of an auto repair center and so should you if you want a place that will not only do a great job but also do it right the first time!  Alex and Tommy are wonderful at what they do and give not only expert advice and diagnosis on all my cars but also are honest and have saved me thousands in repairs.  I definitely recommend them for their honesty, professionalism and stellar work!  If I could give more than five stars I certainly would!

If you are looking for a good honesty mechanic who does excellent dealership quality work!  Look no further and go to Alex and Tommy!"


Michael F. - Yelp

"Excellent shop with stellar service!!  A couple weeks ago I had an issue with my car, it didn't sound normal.  I don't know much about cars and was leery about going to an independent shop but some recent financial setbacks prevent me from taking it to the dealership.  A friend who goes here and services his car recommended I go and at least get an estimate. 

Although the shop is nestled away in an arguably industrial area it was easy to get to (just two blocks down from Costco) and was clean.  Alex examined my car and came back with what he described as "wear going out on the idler pulley."  He was able to source the part and replace it the very same day with a more than fair price!  Sure enough when I drove the car home later that day the noise was completely gone!  I double checked with the dealer later on to see what the cost would have been at their location and they told me a price that was 3 times more expensive than what Alex charged me!!!  Worst of all they told me the part was a special order from their parts warehouse and wouldn't be able to service the car until two days later!

I am glad my friends advice proved to be right!  Thank you to Alex for fixing my car so quickly!!

I definitely recommend this shop to anyone who is looking for a good honest mechanic who does solid work on their cars!"


Tiwah T. - Yelp

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